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What Is OM
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Odyssey of the Mind (OM) is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment. Participants build self-confidence, develop life skills, create new friendships, and are able to recognize and explore their true potential. OM proves that students can have fun while they learn.

Our Mission

Odyssey of the Mind is a rigorous World-Wide program with a goal to teach and enhance skills relating to creative problem solving, teamwork, self confidence and taking a risk, failing and learning from it is OK...and doing it in a fun way.

A Quick Overview  of the Odyssey of the Mind Program

As part of the Odyssey of the Mind program we provide a free fifteen session video training program that will walk the team and/or coach through the Odyssey program.  More information can be found on the training page of this site.

To provide an introductory overview of the Odyssey of the Mind program, click the "Let's Go" button below and enjoy the 20 minute video.

Begin Your Odyssey

Ready to start your Odyssey Journey? 


Becoming part of the Odyssey of the Mind family is easy and quick.


We have developed two separate paths that your team can choose between depending on what is happening in your state, city and school. 

For details about this exciting program, simply tap your heels together and click this button

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