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2021-2022 Long Term Problems

Each program year there are five long term competitive problems plus one non-competitive primary problem.

The competitive teams (grades 2-college) select one of these long term problems to work on throughout the year for presentation during an eight minute performance at the State Tournament in April and if they qualify at the World Finals Competition at the end of May.

Each year there is a vehicle, a technical, a classical, a structural and a performance problem.  When a school or other non-profit organization purchases a membership they have the ability to have one team in each division in each problem with students in the school.  If a school is a  k-12 school the membership could have 15 teams competing under a single membership. (5 elementary, 5 middle school, 5 high school).

A school may have as many non-competitive primary teams (grades k-2) as they wish. These teams will present their performance as part of the State Finals competition in April.

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