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Below are fifteen titles that will walk you through the Odyssey of the Mind program.  We suggest viewing them beginning with the first session and work through the programs to number fifteen.  These programs can be beneficial for coaches, team members and parents and will help you get the most out of the problem to be solved.

Feel free to review one or more of these sessions as you progress through the year.  If you have question, contact Alan at the email below.

Odyssey Academy: What is OM?

Length:  22:22 minutes

Odyssey Academy: What You Will Do in OM

Length: 15:11 minutes

Odyssey Academy: The Long Term Problem

Length:  23:41 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Creativity & Brainstorming

Length:  29:09 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Solving your Long Term              Problem

Length:  24:08 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Focus and Style

Length:  20:08 minutes

Odyssey Academy: How to Write a Skit

Length:  39.04 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Building Your Solution

Length:  30:54 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Tweaking for                                  Improvement

Length:  17:42 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Spontaneous

Length:  18:53 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Practice, Practice,                        Practice

Length:  19:40 minutes

Odyssey Academy: The Paperwork

Length:  19:19 minutes

Odyssey Academy: How to Compete

Length:  29:00 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Understanding Judges                Scores

Length:  25:08 minutes

Odyssey Academy: Reflecting on What You              Have Learned/Done

Length:  9:23 minutes

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